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Question:  If I am a probationary teacher and I get a pink slip from this district, what are my chances of being hired back?

Answer:  You will be on a preferred list for 7 years.  If a job opens up in your tenure area within this time period, the district must offer you the position first over other outside prospects.

Question: Can I use the Sick Bank if I am on an unpaid leave ( i.e. child rearing)?

Answer:  No

Question:  Is my seniority affected when I change tenure areas?

Answer:   When you change to a new tenure area you start accruing seniority in that new area.  You can go back to your old tenure area at your previous seniority level.  Do Not resign from a tenure area!!

Question:  Can I use a Once in a Lifetime Leave to extend a leave of absence.

Answer:  No, you can not!!

Question:  When can I request a personal or educational leave of absence?

Answer:  There are two dates you may apply for this type of leave.  You must give your request to the HR office  by November 15th if you want a spring leave, or May 1st if you are requesting a fall leave.  These requests are subject to the superintendents discretion.  However, if you should miss either of these dates, you might be able to request using a Once if a Lifetime Leave. 

Question : How do I apply for a sabbatical?

Answer:   Check the contract.

Question: How do I apply for 26 paychecks?

Answer: Contact the Business Office. ( Usually a form must be filled out and  turned in to the office by mid August.)

Question:  How long is my dependent child covered under my health insurance plans?

Answer:                                    Non Student       Student

Health Insurance benefits                     26                        26



Question:  How do I figure out my district seniority?

Answer:  Each building chair should have a seniority list.  Your seniority goes by  - 1st: your seniority date (which has been adjusted for any leaves) ; 2nd: your board appointment date;  3rd: the last name you were hired under.(alphbetical order)

Question:  I am covered under the district's family insurance plan.  When I retire, if I should die before my spouse, will he/she still be covered under my insurance plan?

Answer:  No

Question:   What happens if I am traveling and I need medical attention and the doctor or hospital is not in the BC/BS group?

Answer:  All insurance companies have a UCR (usual, customary and reasonable charge).  POMCO's out of area UCR rate is 85% of the medical bill. However, then POMCO only pays 80% of that UCR and the member is responsible for the other 20%.

Question:  When should a staff member have the right to have a Union Rep. with them during a parent/administration meeting?

Answer:  FERPA vs. Weingarten -  If a meeting is convened to discuss concerns about a student, a staff member probably does not need Union representation.  However, if the tone of the meeting changes from concilliatory to more of a teacher reprimand. the staff member has the right to end their part  of the meeting and may ask for a future meeting with a Union rep. present. 


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