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Officers and Chairpersons

           A new chapter in the history of NSEA

Current NSEA Officers and Chairs

  • President - John Kuryla                           


  • 1st Vice President:  Phil Cleary   

     2nd Vice President: Carol Goehner


  • Grievance  Co-Chairs:   Todd Hilt                     


  • Treasurer:    Dave Babikian               


  •     LAPS :  Rosemary Farfaglia 


  • President's Appointments:                      


  • HOC -Linda Congdon  
  • DSC - Tim Esposito
    Membership - Mary Ellen DiPietra
    Building Chairs
  • Allen Road:  Trish Nelson, Nicole Traylor
  • Bear Road:  Steve Jones, Christy Normanly
  • Cicero El: Laureen Norris, Michelle Koehler
  • Lakeshore Road: Amanda Pitkin, Arlene Osborne
  • Rox El:  Tina Rupert
  • Smith Road:  Rosemary Farfaglia
  • Main Street:  Wendy Tracy
  • Gillette:  Shannon Reeves and Tim Esposito
  • Rox Middle:  Joanne Mroczek
  • NSJH:  Bill Kowalski and Phil DeAugustine
  • CNS:  Carol Goehner


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